aws: ec2: instance type

The post discusses ec2 instance and instance type.

what is a ec2 instace
A running ec2 instance is a virtual machine running in the aws cloud service.

instance types
Before a machine is running, we could decide which image to run on which machine. In aws ec2 context, we could choose which ami(Amazon machine image) to run on which instance type. In this analogy, choosing instance type is identical to choosing the machine on which the image is running.

more related to instance types
ec2 supports lots of instance types.

  • Instance types could be categorised into general, compute, memory, storage, and accelerated computing.
  • Each instance type category includes similar instance types with different power. For example, general purpose instance types have t2.nano, t2.micro, t2.small, t2.medium, t2.large and, t2.xlarge. As expected t2.micro is more powerful and expensive than t2.nano, t2.small is more powerful and expensive than t2.micro.
  • t2.micro is the only free tier eligible instance type.

A brief note of ec2 instance type.

Instance Types


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